Indiana: in Relation to its Geography, Statistics, Institutions,
County Topography, Etc.; with a Reference Index to and
Colton's Maps of Indiana

Fisher, Richard S. M.D.,
J.H. Colton, New York, 1852
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Excerpts from the book advertisement:

This little book has been prepared to accompany COLTON'S MAPS OF THE STATE OF INDIANA, and to illustrate the geography, statistics, and institutions of that important portion of the American Union. The descriptions, though brief and concise, embrace nevertheless a great mass of information useful not only to the immigrant settler, but also to those who, from long residence in the state, may be entitled to the distinguished title of "citizen." The descriptive portions of the work have been chiefly compiled from the publications of the most recent writers; but a large mass of information has also been derived from the labors and inquiries of the publisher's agents, and from numerous private sources, all of which has been incorporated. The statistical matter is chiefly based on the census of 1850, the official returns of the several departments of the federal and state governments, and from the reports of companies incorporated within the state. Every available source of accurate information, indeed, has been consulted, and the publisher has no hesitation in saying that there is no other work on the same subject, and within the same compass, that furnishes so much valuable information as is contained herein...

...maps are engraved in the best style of art, and are colored in a handsome manner. A REFERENCE INDEX, by the aid of which any place on the maps may be readily found, is appended to this work.

New York, April 15, 1852

Table of Contents pages are available for download (40K PDF).

Colton's Maps of Indiana: The original full size map was engraved on six plates, and when assembled was 66 x 48-inches in size. It contains the full surveys in sections, the general topography of the state, the internal improvements, and all the information usually found on the most elaborate maps. Insets: Michigan City * LaFayette * Logansport & West Logan * Terre Haute * Indianapolis * Madison* Fort Wayne * New Albany * Jeffersonville, Louisville and the Falls of the Ohio * Evansville and Lamasco City * Lawrenceburgh * Vincennes * Richmond * South Bend.

To facilitate viewing and printing, this series of maps have been digitized in a single image and reduced in size to approximately 33 x 24-inches at 300 dpi. The high resolution image has been converted to Adobe PDF and included on this CD. The REFERENCE INDEX pages (105-123) may be utilized to locate Indiana places and place names found on Colton's Maps of Indiana. Sample map section (224K JPG) near Vincennes, Knox County.

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