Iowa as it is in 1855,
a Gazetteer for Citizens and a Handbook for Immigrants...

Iowa as it is in 1855...

This is a digitally reproduced version of Iowa as it is in 1855, a Gazetteer for Citizens and a Handbook for Immigrants, Embracing a Full Description of the State of Iowa... Researchers interested in genealogy and or the history of mid 19th century Iowa will find the vast amount of historical documentation and descriptions found throughout this book a valuable resource. 1855, 1856 & 1857 maps now included. (map info)

The 274 page book on CD contains brief historical profiles of the counties, main cities and towns of Iowa in 1855. Chapters include details of Iowa agriculture, mineralogical and geological features; water courses, timber lands, soil and climate; the various railroad lines being built and those projected, the number and condition of churches and schools in each county; population and business statistics of the most important cities and towns; and much more. Download Table of Contents (618K PDF).

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view, zoom, pan and print from the PDF images contained in this book; and is included free on each CD. The data has been created and configured using Adobe Acrobat for MS Windows (98, 98SE, XP, NT and 2000). The pages may be viewed in earlier versions of the software as well, and with current versions of the Adobe Reader on recent model Mac systems.

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