Iowa as it is in 1855, a Gazetteer for Citizens and a Handbook for Immigrants; Embracing a Full Description of the State of Iowa...
N. Parker Howe
Keen and Lee, Chicago, IL; 1855, 274 pages

CD now includes the following hand colored maps for reference:

Map of Iowa exhibiting the townships, cities, villages post offices, railroads, common roads & other improvements.
Mendenhall, Edward
Cincinnati, 1855

Parker's sectional & geological map of Iowa exhibiting her iron, lead, copper, coal and other geological resources and all rail roads completed in progress, and projected compiled from the U.S. surveys and personal reconnaisance.
(Four map sections assembled)
Parker, Nathan H., author of "Iowa As It Is"
Clinton Iowa, 1856

A Sectional Map of Iowa, Compiled from the official Surveys of the United States and the Public Records of the State & Counties and from Personal Reconnaissance. (Map in four sections)
Henn, Williams & Co. of Fairfield, Iowa. 1857
Published by Keen & Lee, Chicago, Illinois

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