Geo. W. Hawes' Ohio State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1860-61
1860, Second Edition, 918 pages
George W. Hawes, Indianapolis, Indiana
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The Ohio State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1860-61 is an extensive 918 page book containing the description of hundreds of places and place names including: cities, towns, villages and post offices of the State of Ohio. The list is simply too large to post here and includes virtually all places both big and small found in 1860 Ohio.

The Ohio State Gazetteer... contains hundreds of advertisements by contributing businesses providing historical insight into the goods and services available during this period.

Also included on this CD are mid 19th century maps of Ohio including State and township maps, transportation surveys depicting many places and place names along Ohio railroad routes, as well as, a detailed plat map of the City of Cincinnati in 1838. While these maps are not part of the original Ohio State Gazetteer..., researchers interested in place names will find the cartographic information useful for identifying the location of early Ohio places.

    Mid 19th Century Ohio Maps

  • Map of the City of Cincinnati, 1838
  • Map of the Central Ohio Railroad and Connecting Lines, 1850
  • Map of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad and Connecting Lines, 1850
  • Map of the Railroad Surveys between Hillsborough and Chillicothe, 1851
  • Railroad and Township Map of Ohio, 1851,1854
  • Hillsborough and Cincinnati Railroad extending from Jackson, OH to Parkersburg, VA, 1853
  • Colton's Railroad & Township Map of the State of Ohio, 1854
  • Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 1856
  • Map of the Railroad Line between Loveland and Cincinnati, 1860

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