Minnesota as it is in 1870, Its General Resources and Attractions for Immigrants, Invalids, Tourists, Capitalists, and Business Men (Principally from Official Authorities) with Special Descriptions of all its Counties and Towns,their Topography, Population, Nationalities, Products, Business, Wealth, Social Advantages and Inducements to those in Quest of Homes, Health, or Pleasure
1870, Published by the author, J.W. McClung, St. Paul, MN

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Minnesota as it is in 1870... The 300 page book is divided in two Parts. Part First contains eighteen chapters that provide statistical data describing Minnesota as it is in 1870:

    Part First
  • Natural Features and General View of the State
  • Population and Nationality
  • Official Descriptions of Every Part of the State
  • Climate-General View
  • Health- A Chapter for Invalids
  • Theory of the Climate
  • Scenery- A Chapter for Tourists
  • Minnesota as a Farming Country
  • Commericial Resources- Railroads, Rivers and Markets
  • Manufactures and Water Power
  • Minnesota as a Fruit Country
  • Education and Religion
  • Indians- Agencies and Trading Posts, etc.
  • Scene on the Frontier
  • Government Land
  • Fish and game, Natural History
  • Banks- Insurance Companies- Telegraphs- Stages, etc.
  • Cost of Living- Prices Current- Wages, etc.

    Part Second
  • The Counties- Every County of the State in alphabetical order, and its towns, specially described as to population, nationality, soil, timber, prairie, meadow, lakes, streams, water power, area cultivated, products, prices of lands, fuel, lumber, numbers of live stock, increase of wealth and business, number of schools, school houses, and their value, children between five and twenty-one, churches, societies, number of stores, amount of business, number of lawyers, doctors and other professions and trades, amount of buildings and improvements, advantages and openings for business, number of mills, number and location of water powers, amount of school and railroad lands unsold, and the prices and terms, post offices, etc.

An additional 66 pages are included in Minnesota as it is in 1870... containing hundreds of advertisements by contributing businesses providing historical insight into the goods and services available during this period.

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Also included on this CD are mid 19th century maps of Minnesota including State and township maps, transportation surveys depicting many places and place names along Minnesota transporation routes. While these maps are not part of the original Minnesota as it is in 1870..., researchers interested in places and place names will find the cartographic information useful for identifying the location of early Minnesota places.

    Mid 19th Century Minnesota Maps
  • 1855 Minnesota, J.H. Colton
  • 186- Sewall's Map of Minnesota, D.D. Merrill, Randall & Co.
  • 1874 Township and RR Map of Minnesota, A.J. Reed
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