Historic Atlas of Iowa Counties

Each digital county map includes the following 19th century features:

  • roads, railroads and canals
  • cities, towns and villages
  • post offices and government sites
  • one-room schoolhouses, churches and cemeteries
  • rivers, streams and ferries
  • racetracks, fairgrounds and picnic groves
  • industrial sites, furnaces and mills
  • early homesteads and farms
  • and much, much more

Also included in this series are plat maps of 192 Iowa cities and villages. City maps are often more detailed and include the names of many original property owners, businesses, municipal buildings, etc. Please note: some small city and village map plans include street and lot detail only.

The Historic Atlas of Iowa series may be an invaluable aid to Genealogists, Historians and all researchers in search of 19th century Iowa places.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader for MS Windows is needed to view, zoom, pan and print from the PDF map images contained in this atlas; and is included free on each CD. No other software is necessary. The map data has been created and configured using the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (6.0) for MS Windows (98, 98SE, XP, NT and 2000). The maps may be viewed in earlier versions of the software as well; however, optimum use of the data can be expected using the Adobe Reader 6.0 that is included on each Atlas CD.