Illustrated Historical Atlas of
the State of Minnesota

Minnesota atlas

Welcome to the abridged Illustrated Historical Atlas of Minnesota pages. This high quality digital Atlas data is presented in Adobe (PDF) Portable Document Format. (Full Atlas originally published in 1874.) All of the 1874 Minnesota county maps are included on this CD, as are 49 city and village plat maps from this period. Examples of some of the Atlas pages can be viewed by following the links below.

Individual county maps are useful for identifying 1874 transportation routes, railroads, canals, streams and rivers, cities, towns and villages, and 19th century Minnesota place names. One-room schools, churches, cemeteries and many other cultural features are also included in the county maps.

Historic city and village plat maps in the Minnesota Atlas are often more detailed with many early property owners identified; industrial sites including a variety of stores, factories and mills; State and local government sites: cemeteries, churches, schools, fair grounds, race tracks, asylums & hospitals; and much more. Download brochure: (132K PDF)

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Minnesota as it is in 1870...

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