Excerpt from Atlas: Village of Waverly, Lancaster County, Nebraska.
Village of Waverly

The Official State Atlas of Nebraska... includes maps of the following cities, towns and villages:

Adams County; La Platte, Sarpy County; Leigh, Colfax County; Lewisburg, Harlan County; Liberty, Gage County; Lincoln City, Lancaster County; Lodge Pole, Cheyenne County; Long Pine, Brown County; Louisville, Cass County; Loup City, Sherman County; Lyons, Burt County; Madison, Madison County; Malcolm, Lancaster County; Manley, Cass County; Marquette, Hamilton County; Merna, Custer County; McCook, Red Willow County; McPherson, Lincoln County; Millard, Douglas County; Minden, Kearney County; Minerville, Otoe County; Mount Vernon, Nemaha County; Myrtle, Custer County; Naponee, Franklin County; Nebraska City, Otoe County; Neligh, Antelope County; Nelson, Nuckolls County; Nemaha City, Nemaha County; Newark, Kearney County; North Loup, Valley County; North Platte, Lincoln County; Nickerson, Dodge County; North Bend, Dodge County; Norfolk, Madison County; Oakdale, Antelope County; Oakland, Burt County; Odell, Gage County; O'Fallon's, Lincoln County; Ogalalla, Keith County; Omaha City, Douglas County; Omaha City and environs: North Part, Central Part, South East Part, South West Part; O'Neill, Holt County; Ord, Valley County; Orleans, Harlan County; Osceola, Polk County; Overton, Dawson County; Oxford, Furnas County; Palmyra, Otoe County; Papillion, Sarpy County; Pawnee City, Pawnee County; Perth, Franklin County; Peru, Nemaha County; Phelps Center, Phelps County; Phillips, Hamilton County; Pierce, Pierce County; Pilger, Stanton County; Platte Centre, Platte County; Plattsmouth, Cass County; Pleasant Hill, Saline County; Plainview, Pierce County; Plum Creek, Dawson County; Preston, Richardson County; Ponca, Dixon County; Potter, Cheyenne County; Powell, Jefferson County; Raymond, Lancaster County; Red Cloud, Webster County; Republican City, Harlan County; Reynolds, Jefferson County; Richland Post-Office,Colfax County; Risings, Butler County; Riverton, Franklin County; Roca, Lancaster County; Rock Creek, Cuming County; Rouseville, Richardson County; Rulo, Richardson County; Sacramento, Phelps County; Salem, Richardson County; Saltillo, Lancaster County; Sargent, Custer County; Saronville, Clay County; Schuyler, Colfax County; Scotia, Greeley County; Scribner, Dodge County; Seward, Seward County; Shelby, Polk County; Shelton, Buffalo County; Shubert, Richardson County; Sidney, Cheyenne County; Silver Creek, Merrick County; South Bend, Cass County; Springfield, Sarpy County; Stanton, Stanton County; Sterling, Johnson County; Stella, Richardson County; St. Libory, Howard County; St. Deroin, Nemaha County; St. Edward's, Boone County; St. Helena, Cedar County; St. Joe, Hamilton County; St. James, Cedar County; St. Paul, Howard County; Steele City, Jefferson County; Stratton, Hitchcock County; Stromsburg, Polk County; Stockville, Frontier County; Stuart, Holt County; Superior, Nuckolls County; Sutton, Clay County; Syracuse, Otoe County; Table Rock, Pawnee County; Talmage, Otoe County; Tamora, Seward County; Taylor, Loup County; Tecumseh, Johnson County; Tekamah, Burt County; Thayer, York County; Tobias, Saline County; Ulysses, Butler County; Unadilla, Otoe County; Utica, Seward County; Valentine, Cherry County; Valley, Douglas County; Valparaiso, Saunders County; Verdon, Richardson County; Vinton P. O., Valley County; Waco, York County; Wahoo, Saunders County; Wakefield, Dixon County; Waterloo, Douglas County; Waverly, Lancaster County; Wayne, Wayne County; Weeping Water, Cass County; Western, Saline County; Westerville, Custer County; West Niobrara, Knox County; West Point, Cuming County; West Ulysses, Butler County; West Union, Custer County; Wilber, Saline County; Wisner, Cuming County; Woodlawn, Lancaster County; Wood River, Hall County; Wymore, Gage County; Wyoming, Otoe County; York, York County and Yutan, Saunders County.

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