Historical Atlas of Augusta County, Virginia
Maps from Original Surveys -
Its Annals -Physiography - Illustrated
Waterman, Watkins & Co.
Chicago, 1885


General: United States - Virginia and West Virginia -Augusta County outline map

Augusta County Districts: Beverley Manor District - Middle River District - North River District - The Pastures Magesterial District - Riverheads District - South River District

Augusta County Cities and Villages: Centerville - Churchville - Craigsville - Fishersville - Greenville - Middlebrook - Mount Sidney Town - Mount Solen - New Hope - Newport - Sangerville - Spring Hill - Staunton and Waynesboro


The Historical Atlas of Augusta County, Virginia includes biographical sketches of it's prominent citizens:

Cyrus Hall McCormick - Rev. Francis Mcfarland, D.D. - Francis Brown and his descendants - George and John Seawright - J. A. Patterson, Jr. - Rev. Daniel Yount - Samuel Yount - John E. Hamilton - H. A. S. Hamilton - John T. Smith - Col. Hazel J. Williams - John Brown - Capt. C. B. Coiner - John W. Fauver - Dabney C. Ramsey - Geo. C. Mish - Isaac Coffman - Samuel Carrell - George W. Fauber - A. H. Kendig - The Patterson family - The Kerr And Dunlap, families - Robert B. Dunlap - B. F. Smith - Henry B. Seigg - Thomas Scott Hogshead - Enos Ott - James Shields Hawpe - John W. Landes - John H. Silling - McCorkle Bros. - T. F. Hoy - J. Frank Clemmer - Walnut Grove Stock Farm - John W. Fauver and Bumgardner & McQuaide


  1. Position and General Relations
  2. Extent and Character of Surface
  3. The Waters of Augusta County
  4. Geology, Mineralogy, Etc.
  5. Meteorology
  6. Animal and Vegetable Productions
  7. The People


In this atlas are a number of illustrations depicting the residences of many prominent citizens including a portrait of C.H. McCormick, the McCormick family home and the McCormick Harvester and Twine Binder. Illustrations of industrial sites and businesses; State and local government sites; churches, schools and hospitals are also included.

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